Monday, September 21, 2009


The Troodos mountains form a small but attractive part of Cyprus. In 2006 we drove through the area and stayed for a couple of days at a small village called Kakopetria. Because the main street of the village is very narrow and the buildings are set almost on top of each other in the hills, we had to haul our suitcases the length of the village from the parking lot to the hotel. The village is very scenic and the hotel was lovely. Our room was furnished in an old fashioned style with a large four poster bed. The place was noted for its good food and was one of the most expensive hotels of this vacation.

We looked forward to Kakopetria with eager anticipation after having spent four days at Paphos, a city filled with British pubs and fish and ship shops, and lacking in Mediterranean culture. Prior to that we had a night in Larnaca in a less than adequate hotel with an air conditioner that worked sporadically and made very loud gurgling noises, and with a toilet located in a small clothes closet with a sliding door. Unfortunately, however, because we had eaten something that didn't agree with us, we had begun to feel pretty awful by the time we arrived in Kakopetria. The food looked wonderful, but unfortunately all we could do was look at it!

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