Friday, February 13, 2009



It would never have occurred to me to write the life of my father if someone had not suggested I do it. My father was not an exceptional man, at least not by ordinary standards. He didn't have a wonderful career, he was not exceptionally good-looking or charismatic, he didn't have a whole lot of friends, and he didn't excel in sports - or in anything, really. He was quite shy and not interested in status symbols. In fact, as a child I sometimes regretted his refusal to play golf, buy a cottage, or join the Rotary Club, things often bragged about by my friends in connection with their fathers. My Dad was content to work on jigsaw puzzles or his stamp collection while listening to Kirsten Flagstad sing Bach, and to go on long-distance bike trips.

It was a trip to visit cousins in Belgium in the summer of 2008 that prompted me to begin this life story. For four days, my cousins took my husband, Paul, and I sight-seeing, ending the day at Jean's home for a fabulous meal, lots of wine and good conversation. On the last night, he asked me about my father. After half an hour or so, when I became aware that perhaps I was becoming a bit of a bore, my cousin suggested that I really ought to write up what I'd been relating.

Jean's interest stemmed at least in part from his extensive genealogical research on the Darimont family and thus his interest in all of its members. For me, there is easily enough of interest in my father's life to justify the time I will devote to recording it. My hope is that members of my family who knew him may be interested. And if others who did not know him come here and read, I hope I will be able to portray his life in a way that will make my father a real person for them.

I shall post something here every day or so. My intention is to make the text as brief as possible, to use lots of photos, and to continue for as long as it takes. The photo above is of my father and me taken at my house when we were celebrating his 60th birthday in 1972.

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