Friday, December 19, 2008



India likely has millions of small merchants, one reason for the government's resistance to the incursion of western retail chains. The man in the first photo above, a retailer of knives, is a typical proprietor of a small family-run business. His shop, tiny by western standards but adequate for his needs, is located on the main shopping street in the old city of Jodhpur. He was welcoming, not objecting in the slightest to having his children photographed.

The second photo above is of our tour guide at the Ellora caves near Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. This man was the perfect guide, very knowledgeable and intelligent, but approachable, agreeable and patient. He took us by bus to the Ellora caves, the Baby Taj in Ahmedabad and two or three minor sites. The entire time with him was a pleasure.