Sunday, February 21, 2010


In 2000 we went to Sicily. Early one morning near Agrigento we went for a drive on back roads looking for a small ancient site written up in our guide book. Being Sunday there were few cars or people about. We found the site and spent an hour or so walking around all by ourselves. It was interesting because you could see from the ruins that the streets in this ancient town had been laid out in a grid pattern similar to what is now quite common in Canada. On our way back we couldn't find the road we had used to reach the site. It was a lovely morning and we were enjoying the drive when all of a sudden we came upon the beautiful beach that is featured in the photos. The restaurant was open, but no one else was there. We had a delightful swim followed by Cappuccino. What a wonderful feeling to come upon something so enjoyable and so unexpected! Later we found the name of the place - Eraclea Minoa.

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